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Good Girls Never Come to This Part of Town This Late, by Alexander Dyomin

Good Girls Never Come to This Part of Town This Late
by Alexander Dyomin

the coda ode

We went lower and lower down into the shady quarters
looking for titles for our songs
and new smells
for our collections
We talked about the Origin of Species
corruption of our writers
and the Art of Heeling and Walking Side by Side
and the peepholes became bloodshot
when we went by
and turned black
with relief
when we went on

Good Girls don't come to this part of town
this late
and the hour when Bad Girls were thrown out of windows
hadn't come yet
we met a ninety year old whore
in orthopedic boots
and she said Baby you're too old
for me

We went lower and lower down the wasted alleys
Apple Eaters were long asleep
but here and there on the upper floors
there was still light
and someone balanced on a windowsill
screaming I won't let anyone pick my
littlest brain
and a hand with a There's Happiness in This World tattoo
dragged him back
into the black nostril
of the window

We went lower and lower
warning each other against the wolf traps
put out by the front doors
for the night
and some little one asked for a smoke
and said I've planted a bomb in their fridge
stay with me, let's have
some fun
He took a cigarette
and then hid again in a phone booth
sniffing from time to time
and whispering under his breath

We went down
and the damp and heavy stench of the danger
oozed from the gates
pushing us closer to the walls
of the houses doomed for demolition
the houses demolished many years ago
and the houses that would never
be built

We decided to stop
and split a bottle of bad port
bought from the ex-principal of the mathematical school
who kept a basement
and rented it out to the wannabe
glue sniffers
We drank and read a Live and Help to Survive slogan
scratched on a wall
with a nail
and someone with a face of a necrophiliac
took a piss nearby
and he said The guy who wrote that
doesn't live here

We walked on
warning each other against gaps in the road and the barbed
wire stretched across the street
And an officer from the night patrol who checked our Ausweise
said Do you want to come with us
people are always needed
there's a lot of work and by the way
prisoners make the best prison guards
I think you're not
an exception
and he laughed and laughed after us
stroking the butt of his

We went down lower and lower stumbling over petrified
and we wished our way was unique
because otherwise it had no point at all
but Good Girls never come here this late
and however long we would try to cure our sickness
with patience, with shit, and with solitude
we would never invent a new religion
any war with the symmetry would end in a draw
and our claustrophobia had long since turned into
the dread
of open space

We went down lower and lower into the shady quarters
and our shoulders brushed the walls
of the houses where no one had ever lived
and someone who said he's a great-grandson of Svidrigailov
tried to sell us his gun
A family heirloom, you won't be disappointed
and to my great-grandfather
it proved very useful

Informers in ballet shoes crossed the road
or watched us from the smoking manholes
recording our steps
with their portable
tape recorders

And that's how we went down into the stinking Infinity
jingling the change in our pockets
and clanking our

Александр Демин. Хорошие Девочки Никогда Не Появляются В Этой Части Города В Такое Позднее Время - оригинал

и по-прежнему Александр Дёмин

а песня будет такая:

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